Guided African Birding Trips & Gorilla Safaris In Uganda

Africa Adventure Vacations specializes in African Birding tours. Our Uganda birding tours take us to these remarkable East African safari birding destinations, each boasting a birdwatching list in excess of a thousand species! As such they epitomize Africa’s reputation as “the birding tours continent” We have a wide variety of tour birding destinations and well-researched safari itineraries to suit every birder and nature enthusiast planning to visit Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda for a tour or classic safari.

We Offer Custom Private African Birding Safaris

African Birding trips & Bird watching tours can be done in Uganda’s many National Parks and forests as well as during boat rides

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2 Days Birding Tour in Mabamba

Mabamba Birding tour is an entire birding that is suitable for day break

Bird watching, birding safari

3 Days Lake Mburo Birding Safari

Bird through wetlands, lakes, savannah, rolling hills & acacia trees

Bird Watching in Murchison Falls

4 Days Bird Watching in Murchison Falls National Park

This is a 4 Days Birding Trip to Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda Birding safari, Safari Tips

5 Days Uganda Birding Safari

This 5 Days trip takes you birding through Entebbe & Mabamba Wetlands

Birding In Uganda, birding watching

7 Days Birding In Uganda

This birding tour takes you bird watching in North Western Uganda

Birding in Uganda

12 Days Albertine Rift Endemics Birding Safari

This trip is one of the most interesting for our kin birding clients

Best Birding and Gorilla trip, Birding Safari in Uganda

14 Days best Birding and gorilla trip

Uganda offers exceptional birding trips, tours and gorilla safaris

Uganda Birding trip

15 Days Rwanda Uganda Birding trip

Our birding guides know virtually all birds by vocalization and sight

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22 Days Uganda Rwanda Birding tour

This Birding tour to Uganda and Rwanda, expect to explore most birds

Top Things To Do

While On African Birding Safari Tour

Cultural Tours & Safaris

Exciting And Educational Cultural Tours

Mountain Hiking Tours Safaris

Mountain Climbing & Walking Safaris

Gorilla Tours & Safaris

Book Gorilla Trekking Safaris In Uganda, Rwanda, Dr Congo

Sport Fishing Safaris

Fishing trip in Murchison falls is done

Golf Tours & Safaris

We are certified golf tour operators

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Rwanda & Congo

Uganda Gorilla Safaris, gorilla trekking and tours to Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national parks. Contacts us for Uganda gorilla tracking trips

African Gorilla Tour

3 Days African Gorilla Tour

Discover & Explore African gorilla parks in Rwanda, Uganda and Dr Congo

Uganda gorilla safari, Uganda Gorilla Safaris and Trekking Adventure

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

Paradise through African Bwindi jungle to see mountain gorillas

Uganda Gorilla trekking safari

3 Days Uganda Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking Safari experience in Bwindi forest National Park

Gorilla trekking uganda, Primate Trekking and Wildlife Tour

7 Days Primate Trekking and Wildlife Tour

Explore the top highlights of Uganda Primate Adventure

double gorilla Tracking, Adventure tour

5 Days Double Gorilla Tracking Adventure Trip In Uganda

Trek gorillas twice in Uganda for an exclusive mountain gorilla trip

Gorilla trekking, Wildlife tour , Adventure safari

4 Days Gorilla, Chimpanzee Tracking And Wildlife Tour

Primate package takes you to Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth parks

Gorilla Tracking, Uganda gorilla tour

3 Days Bwindi Forest Gorilla Tracking Adventure in Uganda

Gorilla Tracking Adventure in Uganda in the thick Bwindi forest.

Gorilla Tracking From Kigali

2 Days Gorilla Trekking From Kigali

Gorilla Tracking From Kigali trip will begin from Kigali City

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Best Birding Guides In Uganda

Best Birding Guides In Uganda

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Hartlaub's duck in Uganda

Hartlaub’s duck in Uganda

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Knob-billed duck in Uganda

Knob-billed duck in Uganda

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