Kibale Forest National Park

Activities in Kibale Forest National Park

September 16, 2020
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Activities in Kibale Forest National Park: Chimp Tracking & Chimp Habituation Experience | Forest Walk and Nocturnal Walk | Bird watching in Kibale | Bigodi Swamp Walk and Bigodi Village Walk | Exploration of the Crater Lakes | Visit to the tea estates | Cultural Heritage and Nature Trail

Kibale Forest National Park has got different activities that take place to make tourism a more comforting  with wonderful experience. Among these activities are; Chimp Tracking, Nature Walk, Chimp Habituation Experience, Forest Walk, Sebitoli Forest, Bird watching, Bigodi Swamp Walk, Bigodi Village Walk, Exploration of the Crater Lakes, Cultural Heritage and Nature Trail, Hike at the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains and Visit to the tea estates.

It is so good that a visitor chooses the activity he/she wants to enjoy. One may decide to hike the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori and Bigodi Swamp watch in search for Great Blue Turaco. Others choose primate walks to encounter Chimpanzees hence a great experience.

Chimp Tracking & Chimp Habituation Experience

When in search for Chimpanzees in this park, you will experience the tropical rainforest and its good climate / weather. These forests give a good opportunity for Chimp tracking activity under guidance of a ranger guide who gives you detailed information about these primates and the flora species encountered on the way. Also, on the visit to this forest, you will spot mammals, Red-Colobus Monkeys and Mangabey, birds and many more primates.

During Chimp Habituation Experience, you will surrender the whole day enjoying and trying to understand how these beautiful creatures live their life. The project was initiated by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in conjunction with Jane Goodall Institute to arrange chimpanzee habituation experiences without disturbing their nature and ways of living. You will watch chimps search for food, rest in the trees, wake up, playing and going to sleep.

Forest Walk and Nocturnal Walk

Forest walk is much enjoyed by children who fear to participate in the Chimp tracking. However, it is more interesting for parents to walk with their children for a life time experience as a family. Forest walks involve understanding and learning of ecosystems, encompasses games and creative activities too. The ranger guide takes visitors through the walk in the tropical rainforest that harbors’ primates and good vegetation.

A nocturnal walk is exciting during the night. In the heart of the forest, at night a ranger guide will take the visitors into the forest to spot nocturnal animals like bush babies, pottos and many more.

Bird watching

Kibale has got a variety of bird species. There are about 325 bird species recorded in the National Park. The Blue-headed Sunbird, Purple-breasted Sunbird, Collared Apalis, Black-capped Apalis, faced Woodland Warbler and Red- Dusky Crimson wing are some of endemic Albertine bird species.

Bigodi Swamp Walk and Bigodi Village Walk

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is located in the eastern side of Kibale forest national park. It is a protected area found in Magombe forest. The walk is initiated by the villagers of Bigodi. The walk is interesting since the local people are willing to share local knowledge and skills with visitors.  About 137 bird species can be encountered, several primates and butterflies during this walk.

Bigondi community initiated village walk experiences. The senior citizens tell visitors stories about their history and culture. In the tour you will visit schools, Trading Centre, churches, traditional homesteads etc. You will learn about the crops grown in the village, life style and traditional customs of Bigodi Villagers.

Exploration of the Crater Lakes

Bunyarunguru Crater Lakes is met on a drive from Fort Portal to Kibale Forest. The Bunyaruguru Crater Lakes region has got a scenery that is beautiful and attracting with gentle hills, small lakes and a wonderful view. When you are at Mahoma falls you may interact with the local community who may brief you about Batoro tribe customs and lifestyle. Hiking at L.Nkuruba enables visitors to spot primates and birds of all kind.

Cultural Heritage and Nature Trail

He heritage of this area is exceptional and among the best activities in and around Kibale forest national park. The area has got a flora and fauna that flourishes always. When it comes to cultural issues, you will explore Batoro and Bakiga culture something that will give clear identities of traditions and culture. In Villages of Nyaibanda, Nyakalongo and KIkoni, you will meet campsites that are run by the community and arrange travel overnight stays. The hiking takes to around 2-6 days for nature and culture understanding to visitors. You can start you trip either from Sebitoli Forest Camp or Kibale till you reach deep into the forest.

Hiking at the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains

Kibale Forest is situated close to Rwenzori Mountain commonly known as mountain of the moon. On the “Mountains of the Moon”, you will view large banana plantations, green valleys and rolling hills. Traditional healers can be visited at their homes in this village.

Visit to the tea estates

Large green plantations surround Kibale Forest.  Once you stay in this region you can’t miss out the opportunity to touch and feel the fresh green tea leaves. The workers are spotted weeding, plucking and tipping in the ta gardens. If you wish you can befriend a farmer and you participate in these activities. On reaching the factory, you will witness how black tea is processed from the tea leaves.

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