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Africa Wildlife Viewing Tips

September 3, 2018
Safari Tips

Africa Wildlife Viewing Tips: safari to Africa or particularly Uganda could have been your bucket list since you were little and time is about now that you have things in place to go on this adventure. Some of people in your friends and relatives could have just returned home you’re the safari that you dream of and could have been disappointed because of several reasons.

As you prepare to leave, you realize Africa is a long way from home, it’s rough travel, and safaris are expensive. You decide you better do some research, in order to plan, and make sure you have the best African wildlife encounters of your mate and discovery channel put together.

Here are some of the things you have to consider to have the dream safari to Africa come true. Check out Africa Wildlife Viewing Tips

Plan in advance

You need to prioritize which animals you badly want to see and let your guide or tour operator know about them.

Going to many different parks all over the country will wipe out your budget. Plan for the most important for your dream, and for the game park that will allow you to see the greatest variety of wildlife.

Animal Viewing

Animals are most active at dusk and dawn. It is usually hot in Africa and animals usually hibernate during the mid-day hours. Be sure to do the same. Fruitful game viewing is usually in the early morning or late evening.

Big 5

The excitement of  seeing the Big 5 is very enticing i.e. rhino, buffalo, leopard, lion, and elephant.  Why are these animals called the Big 5? It has nothing to do with size, these animals were the most prized trophies of  hunters years ago.

Don’t  be fixed at looking for the big 5 as you will be disappointed. Safari to Uganda is not just about checking things off your list, it’s about learning from the experiences that you meet, please appreciate this.


Don’t waste time buying big cameras. Animals are scared of you, they won’t come close for a portrait. You’ve spent all the money, time, and energy to put yourself in a place of contact with these wild animals, you want to have something to take away from it and keep with you for memories and reflection.


Never ever ever, and I mean ever get out of your car, unless in a safe designated area, or with an armed ranger present. This is the wild, don’t mess with it. You will be surprised at how many people get eaten by lions trying to get that perfect shot.

Keep a safe distance when you encounter a wild animal and when in your vehicle keep your windows rolled up.


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