African Birding Safaris

African Birding safaris & Bird watching tours can be done in Uganda’s many National Parks and forests as well as during boat rides where birds can be seen by the banks of many water bodies. In Uganda, you can get to see these and many more birds from places like the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Mburo, Murchison falls among other birding destinations for African Birding trips Uganda birding offers a feast of rare and colorful species, and the chance to improve dramatically on your species life list. More than 1,065 bird species inhabit a range of habitats – from montane forests to wetlands, agricultural lands, lakes, and savannahs. Uganda is on the equator, and the endemic species-rich Albertine Rift valley separates the west of the country from DR Congo and Rwanda, so expect impressive biodiversity.

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2 Days Birding Tour in Mabamba

Mabamba Birding tour is an entire birding that is suitable for day break

Bird watching, birding safari

3 Days Lake Mburo Birding Safari

Bird through wetlands, lakes, savannah, rolling hills & acacia trees

Bird Watching in Murchison Falls

4 Days Bird Watching in Murchison Falls National Park

This is a 4 Days Birding Trip to Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda Birding safari, Safari Tips

5 Days Uganda Birding Safari

This 5 Days trip takes you birding through Entebbe & Mabamba Wetlands

Birding In Uganda, birding watching

7 Days Birding In Uganda

This birding tour takes you bird watching in North Western Uganda

Birding in Uganda

12 Days Albertine Rift Endemics Birding Safari

This trip is one of the most interesting for our kin birding clients

Best Birding and Gorilla trip, Birding Safari in Uganda

14 Days best Birding and gorilla trip

Uganda offers exceptional birding trips, tours and gorilla safaris

Uganda Birding trip

15 Days Rwanda Uganda Birding trip

Our birding guides know virtually all birds by vocalization and sight

Birding tour, Rwanda birding safaris, Birding safari in Uganda, gorilla tracking

22 Days Uganda Rwanda Birding tour

This Birding tour to Uganda and Rwanda, expect to explore most birds

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