African pygmy goose in Uganda

African pygmy goose in Uganda

April 25, 2022

The African pygmy goose is also known as Nettapus auratus and can be several in several waterlogged areas of Uganda like Mabamba swamp and lake Bisina. This is the smallest waterfowl not only in Africa but also in the world. The small size, bold and colorful plumage of an African pygmy goose separate it from other waterfowl.

Much as the African pygmy goose may be seen all year round, the best birding time in Uganda is the rainy season that runs from March to May as well as October to November.

The male and female African pygmy goose have rufous underparts, a dark back, white on the face, and white on the wing in flight.

Males have a green patch on the back of the head and a yellow bill while the females have a black-and-white head and a dark bill.

The African pygmy geese are shy. Their voices are high-pitched squeaking. Though pygmy geese have beaks like those of geese, they are more related to the dabbling ducks and other species called ‘ducks’

The ducklings have a white face with a pattern similar to that of the adult female in black and a dark gray eye patch. Their black crown extends in a V-shape from the base of the bill to the back of the neck.

The rump and flanks are white, the back and tail black. Neck, breast and belly are light-gray to white the wings are black while the lower part of the bill is pink, the upper part is gray with a light brown tip and the feet are dark-gray to black.

They live in strong pair bonds that may last over several seasons and their breeding is triggered by rains. Successful breeding is rare among the African pygmy geese if they are in captivity.

The African pygmy goose in Uganda feeds mainly on the seeds of water lilies that is to say Nymphaea spp but also on other floating seeds, small insects and other small invertebrates.

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