Batwa people in South Western Uganda

Batwa People in South Western Uganda

July 20, 2020
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Batwa people in South Western Uganda: Back in the days, the Batwa were forest hunters as well as gathers living and enthusiastic the traditional ways of living and economically of life in high raised mountains forested areas adjacent to Lakes Kivu and George of which both are found within the great lake’s region of central Africa where Uganda, in general, is traced. The Batwa people are recognized as forest inhibitors within this region by later were joined in by the other people whose occupation was farmer and cattle keepers. Currently, the Batwa people live in several districts of western Uganda which include; Kanungu, Rukungiri, Ntungamao, Mbarara Uganda and in other neighboring countries of Rwanda, Congo and Burundi and any person outside the world can travel and interface with these Batwa people in the areas cited above however Batwa people in Uganda seem interesting as they have not shed off their traditional life traits.

There are approximately 6,700 Batwa people which live within Uganda boundaries and the majority of this are found in Katovu Town council accounts for 3,135 Batwa people and the rest 2,987 of which are in Kabare, Kanungu, and Kisoro in places adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park according to The United Organisation for Batwa Development in Rwanda. They are believed to be the former inhabitants of Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi National Park, and Echuya Forest before they were evicted by the state powers after the realization of conservation biodiversity components within this park. The British colonial rules had gazetted zones of conservation of forested places in 1931 and later on the Government of Uganda declared the Mgahinga and Bwindi as National Parks which saw the Batwa people later evicted completely though trails have been developed as part of integrating them within sustainable tourism growth.

After forests areas were destroyed to become conservation areas and pushed away from forested areas and abandoned some of their natural habits, these have not stopped them from surviving s they have been able to adapt to anew dynamics and have found themselves as porters, music composers as well as entertainers to the visitors/tourists especially those who visit the Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park while others have become casual workers while others have resorted to begging. There is a lot to see learn about the Batwa people culture especially how they live and hunted, how to use their arrow and bows, visiting the ancient homesteads and their culture as well as their trading songs as well as cultural music expression by the people well known as pygmies. Africa Adventure Vacations helps you to design travel arrangements to these areas.



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