Bird Watching Tips for Beginners

Bird Watching Tips for Beginners

January 2, 2022
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Looking for bird watching tips for Beginners? Birding just like any other safari activity can also be a hobby. This activity is usually good for people with good observation skills. The word birding is originally from America while people from Europe refer to this activity as Bird watching.

Usually birding is done to observe birds for pleasure but it can also be done for research. Usually birding for amateur is called Birding/bird watching while watching the birds by hardcore experienced birders with an aim of accumulating a list of birds seen worldwide is called Twitching.

Bird watching can be done with a scope or binoculars, a note book and field guide to help widen the scope of the search. The Twitchers ill at times also use digital devices to ensure they record as much information as possible. This will include the time of species sighting, the weather and wind directions as these influences the migration of birds.

The following are just of the helpful tips for beginners that can help you in your very first bird watching safari:

Make sure you keep your eyes on only one bird. For starters, make sure you use binoculars as they are quick to adjust and set up as you sight a bird. Try to only concentrate on bird that catches your eye. Usually when you take your eyes off, the bird may fly off and you miss it. Make sure you observe the movements, markings, feeding habits, songs, color, and size such that you can easily identify it the next time you see it.

Pay attentions to the calls of the birds and songs. Listening to bird calls seems easy but it’s hard to memorize them. Listen to the songs and internalize them repetitively. This helps in the long term to easily identify the bird.

Try to estimate the bird shape and size. The size and shape of the bird usually help in giving clues about the family or origin of the bird. It is important to assess all these and note the approximate size and shape. Once you have all this, then you are doing good.

Give a detailed look at the marking on the face and the characteristics of the bill. This is king of hard as most birds are too small to observe but of course you have binoculars to help. The bird unlike other wildlife, they keep moving and it’s hard to get them resting in one position.

To get all these important details, make sure you spot the bird while it’s resting.  Once you spot a bird in this position, make your conversation, from the hue patches and the colors of the strips. These can be present in their crowns, napes, eye lines, arcs or in the rings.

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