Birding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Birding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

January 2, 2022
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Looking for Birding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park? Yes, Bwindi is referred to as a birder’s haven. Its home to over 348 bird species of birds. There are about 25 restricted species locked to this area. 23 of these 25 are Albertine rift endemics four of which are globally threatened. These are: African Green Broadbill, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Chapin’s Flycatcher and Shelley’s Crimson-wing.

Birding in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park can be done in the following sectors; Buhoma region, Ruhija region, Nkuringo and Rushaga regions.

This park is also home to about 220 butterfly species, 8 of these are endemic to the Albertine rift. Some of these include: the Cream- banded swallowtail (, Graphium gudenusi, Charaxes fournierae and the giant swallowtail. Like we said earlier, the park is divided into four sectors:  Nkuringo, Buhoma, Rushaga and Ruhija. You will need about 3 to 6 days to fully bird this national park. The park is also home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas that can be tracked here. Here are some of the birds to expect in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park:

Palm nut vulture

Brown snake eagle

African goshawk

Lizzard buzzard


Little sparrow hawk

Bat hawk

African cuckoo hawk

African harrier Hawk

European honey buzzard

Augur buzzard

African Hawk eagle

Ayres Hawk eagle

Cassins hawk eagle

Long crested eagle

African crowned eagle

African Hobby

Eurasin Hobby

Peregrine falcon

Helmeted guinea fowl

Crested guinea fowl

Scaly francolin

Handsome frtancolin

White spotted flufftail

Red chested flufftail

Buff spotted flufftail

Black crake

Red knobbed coot

African Jacana

Grey crowned crane

Common sand piper

African green pigeon

Olive pigeon

Speckled pigeon

AFep pigeon

Blue spotted wood dove

Tambourine dove

Red eyed dove

Dusky Turtle dove

African grey parrot

Red headed Love bird

Great blue turaco

Rosss turaco

Black billed turaco

Levailants cuckoo

African cuckoo black cuckoo

Common cuckoo

Barred long tailed cuckoo

Olive long tailed cuckoo

Dusky long Tailed cuckoo

Red chested cuckoo

Diederik cuckoo

Klasss cuckoo

African emerald cuckoo

Yellow bill

White browed coucal

Blue headed coucal

African wood owl

Spotted eagle owl

Red chested owlet

African white tailed night jar

Rwenzori night jar

Black swift

Eurasian swift

Alpine swift

Mottled swift

Horus swift

White rumped swift

African palm swift

Scarce swift

Speckled mouse bird

Narina Tragon

Bar tailed Tragon

Giant king fisher

Shining blue king fisher

Malachite king fisher

African pygmy king fisher

Cinnamon chested bee eater

White throated bee eater

Black bee eater

Blue throated roller

Common scimitar bill

White headed wood hoope

Little grebe

Pink backed pelican

Black crowned night heron

Black headed heron

Cattle egret

Purple heron

Hammer kop

Abdims stork

Woolly necked stork

Marabou stork

Sacred ibis

Hadada Ibis

Hottentot Teal

Northern pin tail

African black duck

Southern Pochard

Black Kite

African fish eagle

Crowned horn bill

Black and white casqued hornbill

White thighed hornbill

Speckled tinker bird

Yellow rumped tinker bird

Grey throated barbet

Spot flanked barbet

Yellow spotted barbet

Hairly breasted barbet

White headed barbet

Greater honey guide

Scaly throated honey guide

Thick billed honey guide

Wilcocks honey guide

Least honey guide

Dwarf honey guide

Lesser honey guide

Cassin’s honey guide

Red throated Wryneck

Fine banded wood pecker

Buff spotted wood pecker

Brown eared wood pecker

Olive wood pecker

Elliot’s wood pecker

Yellow crested wood pecker

African green broad bill

Western Nector

Little greenbul

Mountain green bul

Yellow Whiskered greenbul

Shelley’s greenbul

Yellow shreaked greenbul

Cameroon sombre green bul

Toro olive greenbul

Ansorges greenbul

Red tailed greenbul

Red tailed bristlebill

Honey guide greenbul

Equatorial akalat

Forest robin

Fire crested Alethe

Red throated alethe

Brown chested alethe

White browedrobin chat

Cape robin chat

Whitebellied robin chat

Archers Robin chat

Red capped robin chat

Grey winged robin chat

Olive thrush

African thrush

Oberlaenders ground thrush

Kivu ground thrush

Rufous fly catcher thrush

White tailed anti thrush

Common stone chat

Mountain yellow warbler

Great swamp warbler

Sedge warbler

White winged warbler

Cinnamon bracken warbler

Little rush warbler

Grauers Rush warbler

Icterine warbler

Garden warbler Black cap

Wood warbler

Wood warbler

Green hylia

Short tailed warbler

Red faced woodland warbler

White browed warbler

Green crombec

Yellow footed fly catcher

Chapin’s flycatcher

Sooty flycatcher

Chin spot batis

African pitta

Green sunbird

Grey headed sunbird

Copper sunbird

Olive sunbird

Crimson Rumped Waxbill

Fan Tailed Waxbill

Black Crowned Waxbill

Black Headed Waxbill

Zebra Waxbill

Bronze Sunbird

Black and white Manikin

Magpie Manikin

Pin Tailed Whydah

Village Indigo bird

Yellow Fronted Canary

Thick Billed Seed eater

African Citril

Black Throated Seed eater

Papyrus Canary

Streaky Seed eater

Oriole Finch

African Golden Breasted bunting.

Green breasted pitta

Grassland pipit

Rock Martin

Common house martin

Red rumped swallow

Mosque swallow

Lesser striped swallow

Angola swallow

Barn swallow

Black sawing

White headed sawing

African pied wagtail

Cape wagtail

Mountain wagtail

Grey wagtail

Yellow throated wagtail

Plain backed pipit

Black cuckoo shrike

Red shouldered cuckoo shrike

Grey cuckoo shrike

Rwenzori Batis

African shrike fly catcher

Black and white shrike fly catcher

Brown throated wattle eye

African paradise flycatcher

Chestnut wattle eye

White tailed crested fly catcher

Dusky crested flycatcher

African blue flycatcher

White tailed blue flycatcher

African hill babbler

Brown Illadopsis

Scaly breasted illadopsis

Grey chested illadopsis

Mountain illadopsis

Arrow marked babbler

Black lored babbler

Dusky Tit

White winged Tit

Stripe breasted Tit

Tit Hylia

Yellow white eye

Purple breasted sunbird

Green headed sunbird

Bronze sunbird

Blue throated brown sunbird

Blue headed sunbird

Malachite sunbird

Green throated sunbird

Black faced Rufous warbler

Grauers warbler

Winding Cisticola

Carruthers Cisticola

Red faced Cisticola

Singing cisticola

Siffling Cisticola

Tawny flanked prinia

Banded prinia

Grey capped warbler

White chinned prinia

Olive green camaroptera

Grey backed camaroptera

Grey apalis

Black throated apalis

Buff throated apalis

Chestnut tghroated apalis

Collared Apalis

Little green sunbird

Red chested sun bird

Collared sunbird

Varrable sunbird

Common Fiscal

Mackinnon’s fiscal

Ludhers bush shrike

Tropical Boubou

Mountain Black boubou

Sooty Boubou

Pink footed Puff back

Marrsh Tchagra

Lagdens bush shrike

Many colloured bush shrike

Dohytes bush shrike

Bocages bush shrike

Velvet mantled drongo

Pied Crow

White napped Raven

Montane Oriole

Yellow billed woodpecker

Narrow tailed staring

Stuhlmanns starling

Wallers starling

Slender billed starling

Chestnut winged starling

Great blue eared starling

Splended starling

Purple headed starling

Violet Backed startling

Grey headed sparrow

Black headed weaver

Spectacled weaver

Black necked weaver

Baglafetcht waver

Grosbeak weaver

Yellow backed weaver

Slender billed weaver

Compact weaver

Holubs golden weaver

Strange weaver

Brown capped weaver

Black billed weaver

Red headed malimbe

Fan tailed widowbird

Black bishop

Yellow Bishop

Grey headed Negro finch

White breasted Negro finch

Wood houses anti pecker

White collared Olive back

Dusky Twin spot

Green backed twin spot

Abyssinian Crimson wing

Red faced Crimson wing

Dusky Crimson wing

Shelley’s Crimson wing

Red headed Bluebill

African Fire finch

Red billed fire finch

Common Waxbil

Yellow Bellied Waxbill

Mountain Masked apalis

Yellow eyed black fly catcher

Northern black flycatcher

White eyed Slaty flycatcher

Semi collared flycatcher

African grey flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

Ashy flycatcher

Pale Flycatcher

Swamp flycatcher

Grey throated tit fly catcher

African dusky flycatcher

Dusky blue flycatcher

Cassin’s grey flycatcher

Rwenzori double collared sun bird

Tiny sunbird

Northern double collared sun bird

Regal sun bird

Besides Birding, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park features other exciting activities such as nature walks, Batwa trails and the magical mountain gorilla trekking experiences.

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