Birding Pian Upe game reserve

Birding Pian Upe game reserve

January 2, 2022
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Birding Safaris in Pian Upe Game Reserve- This game reserve is becoming more of a top birding destination every passing day. This game reserve offers some of the best bird watching experiences and wildlife safaris. There are a variety of bird species here that have been enhanced due to the unique eco systems here and this makes this game reserve a desired birding destination. There are other wildlife here like; Uganda Kob, duiker, klipspringer, waterbuck, Reedbucks, Ostriches, Oribi, the Cape buffalo, monkeys and olive baboons.

The bird species you expect to see here are; Silverbird, Spot-flanked Barbet, Stone Partridge, Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu, Red-fronted Barbet, Red-fronted Tinkerbird, 4-banded Sandgrouse, African Grey Hornbill, Superb sterlings, Secretary bird, Green bitta, Abyssinian ground hornbill, the Fox weaver bird, the rare shoebill stock and White-faced Whistling Ducks, African Paradise Flycatcher, Bruce’s Green Pigeons, Greyish Eagle Owl and Marico Sunbird

Other interesting things to do in Pian Upe game reserve after birding

Game drives

This game reserve hosts some of the special and rare animals. This place has the healthiest population of cheaters in Uganda. The chances of seeing these cheaters in Pian Upe game reserve are at 80% compared to any other wildlife area in Uganda. Some of the others predators you will see here are; wildcats, , many cats, leopards, spotted hyenas, jackals, civets and lions.

The other animals to expect include the Uganda Kob, Patas Monkey, Vervet Moneys, Olive Baboons, Crested Pocupine, Common Duikers and Cape Buffalos. The chameleons, crocodiles, venom puff adders and rock pythons are some of the reptiles to expect. The Uganda wildlife authority is expected to introduce more animals to this area since it has a very good eco system.

Community tour

This game reserve is located in the Karamojong community area. The name Pain and Upe is also from the Karamajong language which means goof sprinted  and enemy respectively. The Karamajong culture is one of the culture that have been less influenced by any other cultures an its good for you to try and experience their ways of living while on safari here.

One of the other attractions in this area is Lake Open which is located in the southern part of Pian Upe game reserve. Being a swampy lake, it is home to several swamp species that would make you birding safari a marvel. This swamp is also among the 33 Important Bird areas in Uganda since 2006.

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