Birding Safaris and Tours in Dakatcha Woodland Kenya

Birding Safaris and Tours in Dakatcha Woodland Kenya

December 30, 2021
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Are you looking for birding tours in Dakatcha Woodland Kenya? Yes, Dakatcha Woodland is an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA); located in Magarini sub-county of Kilifi County; covering an area of about 2,000 km². This woodland is endowed with Mrihi tress (Brachystegia spiciformis), Mfunda (Cynometra webberi) and other unique species that attracts a number of birds like the Clarke’s Weaver. Other notable wildlife species in Dakatcha Woodland are; the Sokoke Scops Owl Otus ireneae, the Sokoke Pipit Anthus sokokensis and the Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew Rhynchocyon chrysopygus among others.

Like we said before, Dakatcha Woodland is one of the best birding spots in Kenya to see more than 220 bird species including the spectacular Fischer’s Turaco and international migratory birds such as Eurasian Golden Orioles, Eurasian Rollers, Nightingales and Spotted Flycatchers.

The Dakatcha Woodland Conservation Group (DWCG) which is a local environmental group work very closely with Nature Kenya to conserve and protect Dakatcha Woodland. This group started in 2008 with the main objectives of monitoring birds and biodiversity, create environmental awareness, advocate for the conservation of Dakatcha Woodland, and support community livelihoods.

Besides birdwatching, Dakatcha Woodland offers endless opportunities to tourist to participate in other tourism activities like landscape viewing, guide nature walks or hikes, visit the Hell’s Kitchen depression, Kaya Singwaya sacred forest, Bore Singwaya depression and the Mekatilili wa Menza Cultural Centre. Dakatcha Woodland is also a living classroom to travelers to learn and attain ecological knowledge and traditional technical know-how from local communities.

The following are some of the bird species that you can spot on any birding tour and safari at Dakatcha Woodland;

Fischer’s Turaco

Southern Banded Snake-eagle

Mangrove Kingfisher

Brown-breasted Barbet

Mombasa Woodpecker

Brown-headed Parrot

Chestnut-fronted Helmetshrike

East Coast Batis

Scaly Babbler

Black-bellied Starling

Mouse-coloured Sunbird

Zanzibar Red Bishop

Clarke’s Weaver

Sokoke Pipit

Malindi Pipit

1 day birding safari itinerary in Dakatcha Woodland Sample

This 1 day tour takes you to Dakatcha Woodland Birding north of Malindi for birdwatching experiences and other amazing safari activities. We shall start this trip very early morning and retire late afternoon in order to explore fully the forest.

This woodland is a home to the endemic Clarke’s Weavers and other endemics. Our main focus on this tour will be unlocking the potential of this little- known birding destination in Kenya. We will spend more in Mrihi tress (Brachystegia spiciformis) and Mfunda (Cynometra webberi) to look out for endemic, accidental and resident birds. Later in the day, we will visit the scattered wetlands in search for more species which we might have missed in the open dry semi-arid areas of the woodland around Galana ecosystem. We will also visit the amazing sceneries including the Hell’s Kitchen depression and a lot more!

We will have lunch and later retire from a 1 day biding tour in Dakatcha Woodland with lots of memories.

Key species; African Golden Oriole, Red-capped Robin-Chat, Bearded Scrub Robin, Woolly-necked Stork, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Purple-banded Sunbird, Little Spotted Woodpecker, Mouse-coloured Sunbird, Crested Guineafowl, Retz’s Helmetshrike, Chestnut-fronted Helmetshrike, Narina Trogon, Mombasa Woodpecker, Brown-headed Parrot, Fischer’s Turaco, Black-belied Starling, Coastal Cisticola, Zanzibar Red Bishop, Black-winged Red Bishop, Southern Banded Snake-Eagle, Yellowbill, Eastern Nicator, Black-headed Apalis, Common Scimitarbill, Sokoke Pipit, Lizard Buzzard, Malindi Pipit, Senegal Plover

Mammals you may spot;

Four-toed Sengi, Long-tailed Sand Lizard

Habitats covered

Coastal Forest, Wetlands

Special moments

Hell’s Kitchen depression

Photographic opportunities


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