Birding tips and Uganda Bird watching tour advice

Birding tips

July 2, 2020
Safari Tips

Birding tips and Uganda Bird watching tour advice before coming for an African birding safari. Bird watchers have developed some techniques that make it possible to find, and get good looks at, more birds than if you just step out and look around.

Uganda is a prime birding destination for anyone with an interest in birding safaris in Africa hence birders should clearly observe birding tips before coming for bird Watching In Uganda to grip on to the pre-historical Shoebill stork, Great blue turaco, African green broadbill, in Uganda’s major bird watching spots of  Semuliki National Park and savannah birds that will fascinate and intrigue beginners to hardcore bird-watchers.

Birding tips and Uganda Bird watching tour advice

  • Take your time – don’t rush. By walking slowly, you will see more birds, especially the quiet or skulking ones.
  • Make sure to listen for birds calling. These records are as valuable as those of birds seen. Take time to follow up unfamiliar calls (never ignore them!).
  • Don’t just record the obvious species (e.g. large birds or birds that are calling vociferously). You should be aware that there will also be less-obvious species present, so look and listen carefully, and make sure to check all likely areas as one of the major Birding tips.
  • Listen for noises other than bird calls. For example, Crested Shrike-tits are often first detected by the sound of them tearing at bark with their stout beaks; and parrots quietly feeding in the treetops are often first detected by the sound of dropped seed-pods falling to the ground.
  • Be quiet. It lets you hear more birds and disturbs them less. However, talk in your normal voice. Never shout, and try not to whisper, as sibilant noises may disturb birds; many species use similar sounds to indicate alarm or aggression.
  • Avoid wearing bright clothing or clothing that rustles.
  • Be aware that when bird watching beside a busy road bird calls will be more difficult to hear, as they tend to be drowned out by traffic noise.
  • Try to go bird watching early in the morning. Birds are more active then, and tend to call more often.
  • Try to avoid bird watching on windy days. Wind makes it more difficult to hear birds calling, and they are also less active in these conditions.
  • Try to avoid bird watching on hot days. As you observe these birding tips; Birds are inactive during the heat of the day, and are difficult to find. If you must conduct surveys on hot days, do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when it is cooler and birds are likely to be more active.
  • Try to go bird watching in small groups is among the best Birding tips; large groups can be divided up into smaller groups.
  • Birds are more easily detected in open habitats than in more heavily wooded ones. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security in open areas, as cryptic species can be easily missed. In all habitats, take your time and you will see more birds.
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