Birding trails in Uganda: The country is a fantastic destination for birdwatching, with its diverse range of habitats and rich avian biodiversity

Birding trails in Uganda

August 16, 2023

Birding trails in Uganda: The country is a fantastic destination for birdwatching, with its diverse range of habitats and rich avian biodiversity. There are several birding trails and areas you can explore to observe a wide variety of bird species. Here are some notable birding trails and areas in Uganda:

Mabamba Swamp: Located near Lake Victoria, this swamp is a great place to find the elusive Shoebill Stork. Guided boat trips can help you spot this iconic bird.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: This park is known for its diverse ecosystems, including savannah, wetlands, and forests. The birdlife here is abundant, with over 600 species recorded. Key areas for birding include the Mweya Peninsula, Ishasha sector, Maramagambo Forest, and the Kazinga Channel.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: While famous for its gorilla trekking, Bwindi is also a great birding destination. It’s home to numerous Albertine Rift endemics, making it a must-visit for bird enthusiasts. The forested environment is perfect for birding, and you can find species like the African Green Broadbill, Bar-tailed Trogon, and many others.

Murchison Falls National Park: The park’s varied habitats, including grasslands, savannah, and riverine areas, support a diverse bird population. The Nile River and Murchison Falls are especially productive areas for birdwatching. Along the Nile River, you can find a mix of riverine and savannah birds. The boat trip to the base of the falls offers opportunities to see birds like the African Fish Eagle, Shoebill Stork, and various herons.

Kibale National Park: Renowned for its primates, Kibale also offers excellent birding opportunities. The park’s diverse habitats are home to around 350 bird species, including the Green-breasted Pitta.

Semuliki National Park: Located in the Albertine Rift, this park has a mix of Central African and East African species, making it a unique birding destination. The Sempaya Hot Springs area is particularly rich in birdlife. This park is part of the Congo Basin and offers a different set of bird species not easily found elsewhere in Uganda. The Ituri Forest area is a hotspot for birders interested in the Congo Basin specialties.

Lake Mburo National Park: This smaller park is home to a variety of savannah and wetland birds. Birding can be easily combined with game drives and boat safaris.

Kidepo Valley National Park: Situated in the remote northeastern part of Uganda, Kidepo is known for its rugged landscapes and diverse bird species. It’s a great place to see dry-country specialties.

Entebbe Botanical Garden: Located near the capital city, Entebbe, this botanical garden is a hotspot for birdwatching. It’s an excellent place to start or end your birding adventure in Uganda.

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary: Close to Kibale National Park, this community-run sanctuary offers guided birding walks through its swamp and forest areas.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park: The Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the “Mountains of the Moon,” are a great place to find high-altitude bird species that are not easily spotted elsewhere.

Remember that birding in Uganda requires careful planning, including hiring local guides who are experienced in identifying and locating the bird species. The best time for birdwatching is during the dry seasons, which generally occur from December to February and from June to September, when many migratory birds are also present.

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