Birding Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Birding Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

January 2, 2022
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Are you looking for Birding Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary? This Rhino sanctuary was established as a private facility in 1997 to breed and protect the endangered white rhinos. Ziwa rhino sanctuary is a major tourism spot if you are on a safari in Uganda. It’s also a home to a variety of birds most of which are rare African Species.

What makes Ziwa special is it is home to the are Shoebill which is highly sought After by many birders. Birding Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary can take about five hours

Here are the bird species to expect in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary during your birding tour:

African Jacana

African Marsh Harrier

Coqui Francolin

Crested Francolin

African Grey Hornbill

African Hawk Eagle

African Hoopoe

Barred Warbler

Bat Hawk


Black Cuckoo

Black-headed Gonolek

Black-headed Heron

Black-headed Weaver

Foxes Weaver

Giant Kingfisher

Goliath Heron

Grassland Pipit

Great Blue Turaco

Great Egret

Great Reed Warbler

Black-and-white Shrike Flycatcher

Black-and-white Casqued Hornbill

Black-and-white Cuckoo

Black-and-white Manikini

Black-bellied Bustard

Black-crowned Tchagra

Black-crowned Waxbill

Great Sparrow Hawk

Greater Blue-eared Starling

Greater Honey Guide

Black Kite

Black-shouldered Kite

Black-winged Bishop

Black-winged Stilt

Blue-breasted Kingfisher

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Blue-naped Mouse Bird

Blue-spotted Dove

Booted Eagle

Broad-billed Roller

Bronze Manikini

Crowned Hornbill

Curlew Sandpiper

Dark-caped Yellow Warbler

Double-toothed Barbet

Laughing Dove

Lemon Dove

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Lesser Blue-eared Starling

Lesser Honey Guide

Lesser Kestrel

Lesser Masked Weaver

Lesser Striped Swallow

African Paradise Flycatcher

African Pied Wagtail

African Pygmy Kingfisher

African Scop’s Owl

Augur Buzzard

African Morning Dove

African Open-billed Stork

Brown-backed Srub Robin

Brown-crowned Tchagra

Brown Parrot

Brown-throated Wattle-eye

Buff-spotted Flufftail

Cardinal Woodpecker

Cattle Egret

Chinspot Batis

Common Bulbul

Common Chat

Common Fiscal Shrike

Common Greenhawk

Common House Martin

Common Kestrel

Common Ringed Plover

Common Waxbill

Bare-faced Go-away Bird

Barn Swallow

Abdim’s Stork

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

African Black Crake

African Black-headed Oriole

African Blue Flycatcher

African Broad Bill

African Citril

African Crowned Eagle

African Darter

African Fish Eagle

African Golden-breasted Bunting

African Golden Oriole

African Goshawk

African Green Pigeon

African Grey (domestic)

Levaillant’s Cuckoo

Little Bittern

Little Egret

Little Grebe

Little Sparrow Hawk

Little Swift

Little Weaver

Lizard Buzzard

Long-crested Eagle

Long-tailed Cormorant

Long-toed Lapwing

Malachite Kingfisher

Marabou Stork

Marico Sunbird

Dusky Tit

Grey Woodpecker

Pied Crow

Pied Kingfisher

Pin-tailed whydah

Plain Martin

Purple Heron

Scarlet-chested Sunbird

Sedge Warbler

Semi-coloured Flycatcher

Senegal Coucal

Sulphur-breasted Bush Shrike

Superb Starling

Tambourine Dove

Tawny Eagle

Tawny-flanked Prinia

Thick-billed Honey Guide

Tree Pipit

Variable Sunbird

Village Indigobird

Vinaceous Dove

Violet-tipped Courser

Wahlberg’s Eagle

Wattled Lapwing

Western Banded Snake Eagle

Soot Chat

Sooty Falcon

Eastern Grey Plantain Eater

Egyptian Goose

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

Eurasian Hobby

Eurasian Nightjar

European Bee-eater

Fan-tailed Widow Bird

Flappet Lark

Fork-tailed Drongo

Green Crombec

Green Wood Hoopoe

Grey-backed Camaroptera

Grey-backed Fiscal Shrike

Grey-crowned Crane

Grey-headed Kingfisher

Grey-headed Sparrow

Grey Heron

Grey Kestrel

Speckled Pigeon

Speckled Mouse Bird

Speckled Weaver

Spotted Eagle Owl

Spur-winged Lapwing

Spur-winged Goose

Standard-winged Nightjar

Red-throated Wryneck

Red-winged Starling

Red-necked Falcon

Ring-necked Dove

Ross’s Turaco


Rufus-billed Heron

Rupell’s Long-tailed Starling

Sacred Ibis

Saddle-billed Stork

Sand Martin

Scaly-throated Honey Guide

Yellow Wagtail

Steppe Eagle

Namaqua Dove

Northern Black Flycatcher

Northern Carmine Bee-eater

Northern Wheater

Nubian Woodpecker

Olive Sunbird

White-crested Turaco

White-faced Scop’s Owl

White-faced Whistling Duck

White-fronted Bee-eater

White-headed Barbet

White-headed Mouse Bird

White-headed Saw Wing

White-rumped Swift

White Stork

White-winged Tern

Western Black-headed Oriole

White-backed Night Heron

White-bellied Tit

White-browed Coucal

White-browed Robin Chat

White-browed Srub Robin

White-chinned Prinia

Yellow-backed Weaver

Yellow-billed Shrike

Yellow-billed Stork

Yellow-breasted Apalis

Yellow-fronted Canary

Yellow-rumped Tinker Bird

Yellow-throated Longclaw

Puvel’s Illadopsis

Red-billed Fire Finch

Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu

Red-chested Cuckoo

Red-eyed Dove

Red-faced Crombec

Red-headed Bluebill

Red-headed Malimbe

Red-headed Weaver

Red-knobbed Coot

Red-rumped Swallow

Hadada Ibis


Helmeted Guineafowl

Heuglin’s Francolin

Intermediate Egret

Isabelline Shrike

Klass’s Cuckoo

Knob-bellied Duck

Large Brown Snake Eagle

Martial Eagle


Shoebill Stork

Willow Warbler

Wood Sandpiper

Woodland Kingfisher

Woolly-necked Stork

Pallid Harrier

Pearl-spotted Owlet


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