Buying Birding Binoculars

Buying Birding Binoculars

January 2, 2022
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Are you interested in buying birding binoculars for your African bird watching safari? Good binoculars are a must if you want a successful birding trip. For beginners, binoculars are the basic equipment that you will need to do successful birding.

Good birding binoculars cost between $450 to $1000. Factors that will determine the price will range from the brand, lens quality and the size of the binoculars. As a novice birder, you don’t need to invest heavily into birding equipment. You need to slowly start with cheaper binoculars and upgrade with time. Here are some of the factors you should consider will buying binoculars:

Buying a good pair of binoculars

Birding requires a lot of keenness and patience to observe the birds. This is what makes binoculars key in this exercise. To watch the birds in the sky, you will need the best equipment that is quick to manipulate while birding as these bird are abit quick and fast.

If you are a birding beginner, the best thing you need to pay attention to is having the best binoculars to give you the best experience such that you are encouraged to keep going. The fact that you need to pay attention to details, you need the best views and only the best binoculars can do so.

Look at its magnification

Of course to see he birds clearly; the magnification of the Binoculars has to be good. Make sure the binoculars have a minimum magnification of 7X35. Depending on your budget, X8, X9, and X10 and above are also good magnification. These will definitely give you a great imagine.

You have consider that the larger the magnification, the better the lighting. Make sure the binoculars are not too heavy.

Check its flexibility

Make sure the barrels of the binoculars can easily allow to you move the binoculars while birding. They should however be tight such that they don’t swing to make you uncomfortable. They should also be strong such they can’t break.

Test its focus

Try testing the binoculars before you buy them. The store will most certainly have dim light compared to the natural light out in the field. Try them in the store and see how much they can focus in the dim light. This will give you a snippet on how good they will be with natural light if the focus is good in the dim light.

Pay attention to its exit pupil

This should also be a major consideration because this will determine if you will see things clearly. The exit pupil refers to the diameter seen on the image once it leaves the lens’ eyepiece. The exit pupil should always be bigger that the eyes of your pupil because the image will appear dark. The basic exit pupil should at least be 4 mm or higher to get the brightest image possible.

After buying your birding Binoculars, get ready for an excellent birding trip with Africa Adventure Vacations. Visitors normally combine bird watching with wildlife experience if visiting Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.



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