Covid-19 recovery in uganda

Uganda Covid-19 recovery rate likely to boost travel after the crisis

July 20, 2020
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Covid-19 recovery rate in Uganda likely to boost travel after the crisis: The outstanding leadership of the current government has seen Uganda facing several health crises, notably, smallpox, Ebola, and now COVID-19. The outbreak of Ebola in East African saw Uganda containing Ebola with limited fatalities and in limited time Uganda was declared free of Ebola by WHO. Taking the corona virus pandemic in Uganda, where the spread has so far been well handled and an impressive recovery rate of the sick registered, creates an opportunity for Uganda to reposition herself in the area of medical tourism similar to the one which emerged during the fight against HIV/AIDS.

As of today, Uganda has safely discharged 52 covid-19 patients out of a total of 88 cases reported so far. Remember out of these only one patient has been got from the community and the rest of the cases are imported. This puts Uganda on East African rudder as the safest place regarding the covid-19 pandemic where you can find yourself in After Pandemic. People will always look for better and safe places to be in and feel comfortable.

Many professional and bench marking meetings and conferences are likely to come to Uganda. If this could be coupled with enhanced improvements in our health system, adequately equipping and remunerating of our medical teams as the President emphasized in his Sunday, April 19, and Friday 1st may 2020 addresses to the nation, many will feel secure and comfortable to come to Uganda for treatment. His is a blessing if all the equipment is well maintained will build loyalty and confidence in the outside world.

As the emphasis of secure travel Uganda after the pandemic, the president of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on his Labor Day address to the nation was quoted saying; “I think during this crisis, people have seen that Uganda might be safer than many places in the world. I have not seen any part of the world safer than Uganda. I suspect, if God gets us through this crisis, people will rush here”.

As if this is not enough, the number of patients from the African continent has been accessing specialized from Nakasero hospital, Nansana Urology Hospital, and others in Uganda. Mulago has just been refurbished and urgently we shall see a return on that investment. All that Mulago needs is to be equipped with the state-of-art equipment, capitalize on its brand name, and properly remunerate its experienced medical professionals.

In conclusion, therefore,Covid-19 recovery in Uganda is in a better position to swiftly promote and support medical tourism as a country capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic. This will, in turn, enable even the country to retain part of over $1b, which Africa has been spending on treatment of her VIPs in Europe and Asia. We believe that as the best tourism destination in Africa we shall have emerged out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger. Our Minister of Health and her team will, again, be saluted on a job well done and putting Uganda on the global Map.

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