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Golden monkeys Trekking in Volcanoes

September 3, 2018
Safari Tips

Golden monkey Trekking is another much loves highlight for any holidaymaker that takes a Safari in Rwanda.  This amazing activity is conducted within the renowned Volcanoes National Park. Golden Monkeys whose botanical name is (Cercopithecus Mitis Kandti) are one of the common local sub-species of the Sykes Monkey, (commonly known as the Blue Monkey)


They are commonly seen within the forests on the higher altitude of the Volcanoes National Park. These Golden monkeys though are an unusual species are listed among the world’s endangered species. They are very playful, inquisitive and usually spend most of their time jumping from one bamboo branch to another or playing on the forest-floor heading towards the bottom of the volcanoes. Something worth noting is that they have over time overcome their shyness and now accept and are not interrupted by the daily visits of researchers as well as tourists.

Within Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, there are 2 Golden Monkeys habituated groups. One of the groups has between 80 and 100 members and this has established its home range at the bottom of Mount Sabyinyo.


Just as with mountain gorilla tracking, golden monkeys are tracked in the same way. The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) together with the park management offer golden monkey treks that run daily, and begin very early in the morning. This activity starts at 7:00am from the park headquarters at Kinigi from where you will depart within the company of park guides and rangers. The number of people that take part in this activity is not limited however visitors are only allowed to spend just one hour with the golden monkeys.

To take part in this activity, each tracker will be required to have a Golden Monkey Trekking Permit. Each of these permits costs USD$100 per trek per individual. These golden monkey tracking Permits can be booked earlier through your travel agent or bought from the park headquarters on the day of tracking. You can also hire porters from the park entrance.

Golden Monkeys are extremely active creatures, that jump from one tree to another tree and that is very amusing, through a bit challenging to take photographs. However, as a tip, we advice that you set your camera to fast shutter-speed for better chances of taking photographs.

Golden monkeys Trekking is an excellent way to spend an additional day within Volcanoes National Park and in case you are enthusiastic about wildlife, this will certainly be a wonderful experience that is worth enjoying.

In case you are interested in tracking golden monkeys on your safari in Rwanda, please contact us so that we can organize a nice itinerary for you and also book you a golden monkey tracking permit.


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