High season birding Safari Uganda

High season birding Safari Uganda

January 2, 2022
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Are you looking for high season birding safari Uganda? Bird watching is one of the most untapped tourism potential in Uganda and the region. Uganda is home to about 1060 bird species and it has some of the highly sought after birds in the region. Some of the special bird include the Shoebill which is endangered, the Fox’s weaver that is endemic, the Shelly’s crimsomwing that is special, the Green Breasted Pitta that is special, flamingoes, and many more.

There are two seasons of birding in Uganda. The High season and the low season. Birding is one of the few activities that can be done both in the low season and the high season. The high season of birding is basically the months of June to August and December to February. These area also the dry months of the year.

You will read in most travel advisories and most will recommend for you to do you birding during these months because of the weather factor and of course most birds breed during the dry season and therefore this makes it easy to find them as they are usually in the same place.

Birding usually takes place in the remote areas of the country and this means of the roads can be impassable, but this being a dry season, the road are a bit dry and it makes the hot birding spots accessible. High season birding also means you can get cheaper trip since there are a lot of travelers and this makes it possible and easy to join a group.

Some people are opposed to group safaris but other than being cheap, in relation to birding, a group safari widens your scope. One member of the group can help identify or locate a bird that the group could have missed.

Where to stay during a high season birding safari in Uganda

The high season being the try months of the year attracts all kinds of travelers and not just birders. It is always important that you choose accommodation that is near the birding spot for the next day. Since you have to get to these spots as early as possible other safari activities start to scare away the birds. Staying near the birding hubs also gives you a chance to see some of the birds’ right from your room.

Make sure you choose accommodation aligned with your interests. Look at places recommended by people that have done birding in the area of interest.

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