Hiking Safaris and Tours

Hiking Safaris with Africa Adventure Vacations takes you to most wild places of Africa for active participation in mountain climbing and walking safaris.

The hiking safaris are completely different from the usual game drive safaris that make travelers sit in a car as they enjoy the African massage; here you must walk on foot through the deep jungles or climb a mountain to explore the summit. In other words, visitors on a hiking safari come in close range with the animals like primates, big cats ang bird species.

East Africa is blessed with a number of fascinating landscapes including several volcanic & block mounts, Valleys, forests, hills among others. Most of our walking safaris are done in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and DR Congo with duration of 1 to 6 days depending on your travel needs.

We avail all the necessary information to all hikers interested in this adventurous activity during planning, booking, preparation and actual safari; therefore, we have a record of 100% success with all our hiking safaris across East Africa. We have a list of trained and professional guides, potters and chefs to make everything hustle free during your trip. We also have all the necessary hiking gears to be used on your trip. Feel free to request if you need any gear from us.

Our wide range of hiking tour packages and safaris range from Mount Kilimanjaro excursion in Tanzania, Mount Rwenzori climbing in Uganda which is commonly known as the “Mountains of the moon”, Mount Elgon hiking, Mount Kenya climbing in Kenya and climbing several Volcanoes of Gahinga, Sabiyo, Karisimbi, Nyiragongo, Muhabura and Bisoke in Rwanda, Uganda & DR Congo. Therefore, feel free to peruse through a list of tour hiking packages and safaris in East, we do provide preparatory information required for all first-time hikers and senior climbers.

Uganda hiking safaris and tour packages

Hiking Safaris Uganda

Uganda offers the best mountain hiking safaris and tours in Africa with great sceneries and
Hiking Safaris Tanzania, Hiking Safaris East Africa

Hiking Safaris Tanzania

Tanzania is a top destination for hiking safaris with a number of popular trekking trails
Hiking Safaris Rwanda

Hiking Safaris Rwanda

Rwanda is a perfect destination for hiking safaris in Africa with unmatched trekking trails for
3 Day Mount Kenya Climbing safari

Hiking Safaris Kenya

Are you an adventurous traveler and you are looking for the best trails in Kenya
5 Day Mount Kenya Trekking Via Sirimon - Naromoru Route, Hiking Safaris in DR Congo

Hiking Safaris in DR Congo

Besides gorilla tracking safaris in Virunga national park of the Democratic Republic of Congo, hiking

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