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How to get a Ugandan Visa

September 3, 2018
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How to get a Ugandan Visa: Uganda launched the e-Visa applications effective June 1, 2016, and unless one has an e-Visa and a subsequent approval printout, s/he may face problems entering the country. But for now the manual issuance of Visas at the Airport is still possible until further notice. But why would you wait for the hustle of lining up at the airport when you can do this in the comfort of your home?

Under the new application process, applicants for all immigration services such as visas, work permits and passes will be required to apply and pay online, and an electronic notification / authorization will be sent to the applicant before proceeding to the preferred Entry Point e.g. Entebbe International Airport or the nearest Uganda Mission abroad for the visa to be issued.

If you are planning to travel to Uganda therefore, you should apply for a Ugandan e-visa at least one month before you travel date

Be prepared. You need to complete the online application in one sitting. The online application does not allow you to save your information and return to the screen later.  Have these ready: a copy of your bio page of your passport, a recent passport photo, and Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. You will need to upload these. For more info on the exact documents needed, according to type of visa you require, go to the Uganda immigration web site general information page.

Only PDF, JPEG, PNG and BMP files are accepted. The files you upload should not be bigger than 250 KB (that’s pretty small!)

The decision taken on the online application (“yes” or “no” on whether you’re coming to Uganda) will be sent via email. Assuming you get the go-ahead, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to the email. Print this travel authorization (showing a barcode). Keep this with your travel documents.

Make a note of your application number! You may need this in case you have to follow up.

You can now pay online for your Uganda tourist visa during this approval process. There is a 3% surcharge for online payment. If you want to avoid queues at the airport, you might want to do this. However, you can still pay in person at Entebbe airport.

Present the printed barcode at point of entry “border” together with a valid passport / travel document of “not less than 6 months validity” and you will get your visa.

NOTE: “the travel authorization letter does not guarantee entry into Uganda. Travelers will be subjected to secondary verification where necessary before personalization,” meaning it is not 100% guarantee you will be issued a Ugandan Visa at the airport / border / Uganda mission (but you probably will, unless you’ve been very naughty indeed).


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