Is Uganda safe for birding

Is Uganda safe for birding

January 2, 2022
Safari Tips

Is Uganda safe for birding? Uganda is a good birding destination and you ought not to miss out the best of which this country has to offer. With 10 national park and over 7 games reserves and many other wildlife protected areas, Uganda has a lot to offer and the fact that it has a lot of untapped potential. It time you planned your safari here. With over 1060 bird species recorded here, you are almost certain that you birding safari will be fruitful.

The biggest question everyone will ask before they go to any birding destination is if the place is safe, safe security wise and free of any serious diseases. We are usually misled by what we see in the paper and news but most time the actual situation is usually different. Uganda is one of the safest countries in the region. We have not had any civil war for over 35 years.

Like any countries, there will always be simple political uprisings and usually they are peaceful. We have seen mass shooting in the USA but just an isolated incidence doesn’t mean the USA is unsafe. So the general overview of the security status in Uganda is that it is a safe tourists to co birding safaris.

In most cases you will be escorted by an armed ranger while you do birding in the forests, this doesn’t mean the country is unsafe, it is a precaution in case any thin happened. But it is mostly to scare away animals in case they charge. These are wild animals and anything can trigger them to turn violent.

Like all other countries, there will always be petty crimes and Uganda is not any different. It is therefore advised that you watch you property at all times. Even the olive baboons for example can snatch away your bags in the national park. So you have to be vigilant as it’s hard to know when and where petty crimes can happen.

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