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lake kivu

September 3, 2018
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Lake Kivu – sand between your toes at the beach. We all know Rwanda mostly for the gentle and highly sought after mountain Gorillas. And we can all agree that meeting these gentle giants and staring face to face in there deep brown eyes is a humbling and life time experience. However what happens after we have seen the gorillas? Do we just fly back home? Wait a minute not just yet!  A gorgeous strip of water straddles the boarder of Congo and Rwanda and just less than an hour’s drive from the Virunga.

Who said you cannot unwind at a beach after a strenuous trek, because Rwanda is landlocked country. Lake Kivu is the most ideal place for you and your friends, family to unwind and enjoy a perfect tranquil ideal tropical beach holiday. The perfect retreat waits at the rough jagged coasts, tranquilly beautiful Lake Kivu. The lake is edged in by precipitously terraced escarpments containing several peaks of 2,800m or higher, including the smoking outline of volcanic Nyiragongo in the far north. It  is one of the Great Lakes in the Albertine Rift Valley. It is dotted by numerous islands, some of which can be visited on a day boat trip. The largest of the islands is Idjwi.

Enjoy a relaxing beach break here where the country’s western border runs along the entire length of Lake Kivu. The cavernous coast and deep-water bays are as astonishing as they are lovely, and offer some scenic spots to kick back and get some sand between your toes. Sun bathe on the white sand beach some lined with palm trees or simply take a dip in the bilharzia free lake then relax and enjoy the warm tickle of the water on your skin sending a cold chill down your spine – it is truly refreshing.

A boat trip to Napoleon’s Island is recommendable especially for the birders, whereas the colonies of fruit bats may also amaze you. You could also try your lack at the lake side restaurants to taste their catch for the day, and as the once beautiful clear blue sky fade into a dreamy sunset reflecting on the calm waters, enjoy the beauty of nature as you watch the impeccable sunset as well as the singing fishermen heading out into the night to cast their nets for a fresh catch for the next day. Relax to the music of the diurnal birds slowly fading into the night lullabies of the night birds. Do not forget to listen to the wake up tunes of the beautiful birds as the morning sun sips in through the hotel curtains and ohh the sunrise is as beautiful as the sunset.


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