Larks in Uganda

Larks in Uganda

April 4, 2022

Larks in Uganda- These are small terrestrial birds that often use extravagant songs and use a lot of flight displays. Many of the Larks are dull in color. They majorly feed on insects and seeds. There are about 13 species of this family that occur in Uganda of the 91 that occur in the world.

Singing Bushlark Mirafra cantillans

Flappet Lark Mirafra rufocinnamomea

Pink-breasted Lark Calendulauda poecilosterna

Fawn-colored Lark Calendulauda africanoides

Foxy Lark Calendulauda alopex

Rufous-rumped Lark Pinarocorys erythropygia

Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark Eremopterix leucotis

Red-winged Lark Mirafra hypermetra

Fischer’s Sparrow-lark Eremopterix leucopareia

Red-capped Lark Calandrella cinerea

White-tailed Lark Mirafra albicauda

Rufous-naped Lark Mirafra africana

Sun Lark Galerida modesta

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