Mount Nyiragongo , Volcano Hiking and Climbing in Congo

Mount Nyiragongo

September 16, 2020
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Mount Nyiragongo | Volcano Hiking and Climbing in Congo

Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano located in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is a perfect destination for hiking safaris and adventures; rising 3570 meters. Hiking to the summit takes between 4 to 6 hours depending the physical fitness of the hikers while descending is always 4 hours

Mountain Nyiragongo has erupted twice in the recent times and it greatly affected people’s lives due to inappropriate monitoring by local scientists. Nyiragongo has erupted at least 34 times since 1882. On 17th January 2002, the mountain erupted and ejected large cloud of smoke and spewing lava down three sides of the volcano. It was reported to have killed 170 people and over 350,000 fled eastwards to Congo Rwanda border.

Mountain Nyiragongo is one of the 8 volcanoes within the Virunga conservation region. Other volcanic mountains include Mt Sabyinyo, Mt Mikeno, Mt Karisimbi, Mt Gahinga, Mt Bisoke, Mt Muhabura, and Mt Nyamuragira.

Mount Nyiragongo is among the largest active volcanoes in the world with a lava lake which is very impressive and fascinating to attract adventure enthusiasts across the world. Tours to Nyiragongo were opened in 2014 by the park authorities and it is normally combined with mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Virunga national park

Nyiragongo volcano hike is divided into five sections, breaking at each point for 15 minutes. Mount Nyiragongo hiking starts at Kibati ranger post at an altitude of 1870 meters and reach the Nyiragongo summit at 3470m and the hike is 6.5km away from each other.

The first hiking section of Nyiragongo takes visitors through the dense forest and hikers are advised to look out for a number of wildlife such as monkeys and bushbuck. The second section of the trail offers magnificent views of the valley while the third section make you across old lava flows and past steaming volcanic fissures. The montane forest reflects the fourth and the fifth sections. When your reach the summit of Nyiragongo, exhaustion will melt away and you will enjoy spectacular views of the lave lake.

A total of 12 summit cabins are provided at the top of the volcano each with 2 single beds to accommodate hikers. Visitors are provided with snacks, breakfast, dinner, water and sleeping bags. We advise you to pack warm clothes before hiking due to the fact that at times the mountain top gets cold with strong winds. The cost of an overnight stay at the summit is included on the permit fee.

How to Access Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyirangogo can be accessed through different routes for hiking adventures however, Gisenyi – Goma route is better and safer. Visitors drive for approximately 20 km from Gisenyi Rwanda and to Congo boarder before proceeding to Goma town where a great black cloud of 2002 volcanic eruption is visible.

From Goma, drive to Kibati village for briefing and later start your hike to the summit Mount Nyiragongo volcano under guidance of the park ranger.

What to pack for Mount Nyiragongo Hike?

Are you planning to go for Nyiragongo volcano hike? These are the list of thigs you need to pack before you start your life time adventure mountain climbing in Congo;

  1. Rain jacket
  2. Hiking boots:
  3. Warm clothes and sleeping bag
  4. Packed lunch and Water
  5. Hire a porter
  6. Hat and sunscreen
  7. Camera and Binoculars.
  8. Backpack to keep your gadgets such phones, camera, binoculars etc.
  9. Portable charger
  10. Lighting Torch

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo is an adventurous activity that should be done by every guest intending to visit Congo however; it calls for need to be physically fit before thinking of this hike. We advise guests to exercise to ensure physical fitness.

Timely booking with a trusted tour operator is required such as Africa Adventure Vacations or book directly with Virunga national park at least 3 months prior to arrival to avoid disappointments.

Best Time to Hike Mount Nyiragongo

Hiking mount Nyiragongo volcano can be done throughout the year however dry seasons between June to September and December to February are highly recommended due to dry landscape that makes hiking and movement easier for tourists while rainy seasons make trails more slippery and difficult for hikers.

Where to stay on Nyiragongo Hiking Tour

You may spend a night before or after Nyiragongo hiking adventure in one of the following lodges; Mikeno lodge, Lulimbi Tented Camp, Ihusi hotel, Kibumba tented camp, Bukimba tented camp and for the taste of Goma town, Lac Kivu Lodge offers a beautiful lakeside restaurant and top-class services.

Tour Package to Mountain Nyiragongo

3 Days Mountain Nyiragongo Hiking Adventure

7 Days Best of Rwanda and Congo safari

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