Nakasero hill, hills of Kampala

Nakasero hill

September 3, 2018
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Nakasero hill is one of the seven hills of Kampala and the central business district of Kampala Nakasero is the administrative capital of Uganda. The hill derives its name from a group of ladies who used to weave baskets (locally known as ebisero) from this place, which they sold in diverse parts of the continent. Because of this man people were prompted to call it ‘ewobusero’ later modified to Nakasero”. These baskets were also sold in the local market that is now Nakasero market along Dastur Street. Today known for the all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetable both tropical and exotic.

The hill is barely residential save for the presidential state house the rest are mainly offices churches, hospitals and the likes. The lower part of the hill accommodates the ordinary business and commercial activities of the city that is to say the taxi parks, fresh produce market and processed foods along with other utilities, shopping arcades, banks and regular restaurants. Towards the top of the hill, there are government buildings including the Parliament buildings, the Kampala Capital City Authority building complex and several government ministries.

The top of Nakasero Hill and accommodates the most upscale hotels and restaurants in the country making it one of the most luxurious addresses.  The northern and eastern slopes of Nakasero Hill house most of the diplomatic missions to Uganda and the residencies of ambassadors including the south African high commission, the French embassy, the royal Danish embassy, Nigerian high commission among others. With such establishment the growth rate of this hill is thriving and for now we can say it is in a good place and an attractive place for an investor.

Like all the major hills of Kampala on Which Kampala was built, Nakasero hill has landmarks and like earlier mentioned it is the administrative capital with lots of  government buildings like; Uganda State House, Kampala Headquarters of Bank of Uganda, Headquarters of Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Government Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Uganda High Court, Uganda Investment Authority, Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Internal Affairs among others.

Other important landmarks are the headquarters of different banks  for example: Headquarters of ABC Bank (Uganda), Bank of Africa (Uganda), Bank of Baroda (Uganda), Uganda Development Bank, Barclays Bank (Uganda), Centenary Bank, DFCU Bank, East African Development Bank, Housing Finance Bank, Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited, and United Bank for Africa among others. Major hotels casinos and restaurants suitable for travelers and high end  or high profile people like ; Grand Imperial Hotel, Emin Pasha Hotel, Fairway Hotel, Kampala Casino, Kampala Club, Kampala Hilton Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala Sheraton Hotel, and Uganda Doctors Club. 

Nakasero hill is not only dorminated by luxury and work, worship education and health are an important part of life and have also been incorporated into the planning of the central business district of the country. All Saints Cathedral (Anglican) Christ the King Church (Roman Catholic) and the Mosque of Nakasero (Islam) are the only three places of worship on this hill to cater for the three major religious denominations in the country and these places are very popular among believers. A number of private hospital also save lives on the same hill for example they st Catherine’s hospital, Case clinic, Nakasero hospital among others. And finally the most important, the educational institution, this beautiful and serene hill has two primary schools; Buganda Road Primary School, Nakasero Primary School. Check other hills of Kampala


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