Nakayima tree, Cultural Heritage Site

nakayima tree

September 3, 2018
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Nakayima tree-Cultural Heritage Site: A beautiful spiritual princess Nakayima who once roamed the hill of mubende is said to have disappeared in the tree which today is said to have supernatural powers for healing, fertility wealth and god health.

Perched on a hill in mubende district is the Nakayima tree which is believed to dish out blessing and solve problems. Mubende is an approximately 3hours drive from Kampala that is to say about 100km  and another 15 minutes o ascend to the hill. Like many hills you will have an aerial view of the town.

The ancient tree which is estimated at 650 years takes after the name of Princess Nakayima a royal princess and spirit who roamed these hills and later disappeared into the tree has over the years become a big tourist destination in Uganda. The tree is considered as an important part of the African spirituality. Due to its spiritual powers the tree draws People from all over the to seek solutions to their problems, ask for blessings among other things. The buttress rooted tree which is not very far from being a cave has 18 opening or call them rooms in which the care takers and the people who come to pray sit.  The believers sit on mats or grass and are allowed to smoke pipes openly as they seek the gods.

A lot has been written and said about this magical tree yet a lot remains mysterious to many. The tree stands at the crucial point of the once powerful Chwezi Empire, at the very place where it is said that King Ndahura passed out most of his traditional rituals. The tree erects at the centre amongst the smaller trees dwarfing them, with it’s roots stretching several feet. The tree is a also said to never shed its leaves not even in the driest season.

This tree that is full of mystery is said to have water sipping out of its stem and is said to cure some diseases. On this hills, every plant that grows here with the Nakayima tree is said to be medicinal  Nestled on one of Mubende’s highest hills,.

The Cultural Heritage Site tree comprises of 18 compartments and prayer are held in these grass carpeted compartments. Of the 18 available rooms four are Ndahura the famous king of the Chwezi Empire, some for Nalongo Jajja Mukasa, two for Jajja Musoke and Kilunda. The old tree which is commonly referred to as the witch tree by historians is not the only site to see. A couple of other trees are scattered around and thrible that is constantly lighting.

In one of the buttress compartments sit a care taker with the bigali and a basket for offertory to Nakayima. As one puts the offertory an elderly woman or the caretaker says a prayer for the offerer.  Then Legend behind this tree is that this was Jajja Nakayima place and her grave is not far from here. All the residents of this pace are believed to be his children and grand children, they therefore come here to ask here for what they want, however she does not give medicine.

Worshippers crowd the Nakayima Hill to pray and seek solutions to their problems. People from all corners of the world search for answers to life problems like kneeling to pray to the mystical tree which possesses incredible spiritual powers. Business people, politician and ordinary people alike.

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