Ostriches in Kidepo national park

Ostriches in Kidepo national park

February 6, 2022

Many people wonder if there are Ostriches in Kidepo national park? Of course, Kidepo Valley National Park is the only place in Uganda where you will find Ostriches.

The Ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park are some of the rare birds that you can hope to see on your Uganda birding safari. Ostriches are special birds that do not fly but they are very fast on land. It is said that ostriches can run about 70 kilometers per hour if they have an enemy they are running from or frightened or protecting itself.

Ostriches have long necks, huge legs and small heads. There are several species of ostriches in the world but Africa has the nominate and the massaicas.

A mature ostrich is about 2.5meters in height. A mature male has brown eyes and pink neck. A young ostrich comes of age at around 4 years, then it is considered and adult. Despite the fact that ostriches do not fly, the wings are a very important feature on the Ostrich. They are used in determining the direction an ostrich takes when its running. Wings are also used for mating and protecting the baby ostriches and they are about two meters long.

The ostriches are in the category of omnivores as it feeds on both Plants and other dead animals. They also feed on seeds, locusts, fruits and flowers.

Ostriches just like any other animals always try to defend themselves against danger even from the toughest animals like lions and human beings. They kick with the long legs and in extreme cases they can even kill.

Ostriches usually lay about 15 eggs a month. The egg of an ostrich is usually about 15 centimeters and is about the weight of 28 chicken eggs combined together. The male ostrich is in charge of digging the hole in which the female lays its eggs. This is usually in the dry season. The hole is about one meter wide and the males puts sand at the bottom to make a soft landing for the eggs.

The sand put in the egg hole helps to increase on the amount of warmth the eggs need to hatch. The male and female ostrich take day and night turns in incubating the eggs.

The ostrich eggs take about 35 to 40 days to hatch. After hatching, the male ostrich is in charge of teaching the young one the ways of life, self-defense etc. The ostrich chicks will start to feed on stand six days after they have been hatched, before that, they are born with enough nutrients to help them last for the 6 days.

The beautiful mature ostrich bird becomes complete mature at three to four years. Ostriches can boo or roar and the male ostrich roar can be mistaken to be that of a lion. Come and enjoy the best safaris where you will spot ostriches only in Kidepo Valley National Park. Its Africa adventure vacations that will lead you to this exclusive and wonderful birding safari experience.

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