Pheasants and partridges in Uganda

Pheasants and partridges in Uganda

April 4, 2022

Pheasants and partridges in Uganda- The Phasianidae are a family of terrestrial birds which consists of quails, partridges, snowcocks, francolins, spurfowls, tragopans, monals, pheasants, peafowls and jungle fowls. In general, they are plump (although they may vary in size) and have broad, relatively short wings. There are 156 species occurring worldwide and 21 species of these occur in Uganda.

List of bird species under Pheasants and partridges in Uganda

Coqui Francolin (Francolinus coqui)

Shelley’s Francolin (Francolinus shelleyi)

Orange River Francolin (Francolinus levaillantoides)

Scaly Francolin (Francolinus squamatus)

Nahan’s Francolin (Francolinus nahani)

Moorland Francolin (Francolinus psilolaemus)

Ring-necked Francolin (Francolinus streptophorus)

Red-winged Francolin (Francolinus levaillantii)

Jackson’s Francolin (Francolinus jacksoni)

Handsome Francolin (Francolinus nobilis)

Common Quail (Coturnix coturnix)

Heuglin’s Francolin (Francolinus icterorhynchus)

Clapperton’s Francolin (Francolinus clappertoni)

Hildebrandt’s Francolin (Francolinus hildebrandti)

Yellow-necked Francolin (Francolinus leucoscepus)

Red-necked Francolin (Francolinus afer)

Forest Francolin (Francolinus lathami)

Crested Francolin (Francolinus sephaena)

Harlequin Quail (Coturnix delegorguei)

Blue Quail (Coturnix adansonii)

Stone Partridge (Ptilopachus petrosus)

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