Pittas in Uganda

Pittas in Uganda

April 4, 2022

The Pittas in Uganda are very special and rare birds. They are medium in size, just like all the standard passerine birds. They are long with short legs, stout bills and short tails. Many of the Pittas have bright colors. These birds spend most of their time in wet forests floors and that’s why in Uganda they can easily bee seen in Kibaale Forest National Park which is a tropical rain forest. They feed on insects, snails and any similar prey they can land on. There are 2 species of the pittas that occur in Uganda of the 32 species that occur worldwide.

Green-breasted Pitta Pitta reichenowi

This bird is very hard to find yet it is relatively common in the central areas of African. Its inhabits in the low land tropical areas like Kibaale national park in Uganda. This bird is every birder’s dream to photograph.

African Pitta Pitta angolensis

The African pitta is a migratory species to southeastern Africa and the Congo Basin. An unusual and beautiful bird that is rarely seen, even by those expressly looking for it. Note the buffy underparts, green back, red undertail, and bold facial pattern. Found on the floor of forest and dense thicket. Very shy, remaining motionless for long periods. At least some populations are migratory within Africa. The call is an explosive, liquid “phwit.” Can only be confused with Green-breasted Pitta, but separated by the lack of a dark-green breast.

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