Specialty bird in Uganda

Specialty birds in Uganda

January 2, 2022
Safari Tips

As you plan to book your birding tour in Uganda and encountering Specialty birds in Uganda, there are birds you definitely would like to check off your list. There are bird species in Uganda that are special, globally threatened, near endemic, endemic, forest birds, vulnerable birds and rare birds. It’s a birder’s dream to find some lifers on every safari and since some of these birds are endemic, you will definitely have some lifers. Uganda has a total bird species count of about 1060. This is a big percentage of the total bird species count in Africa.  Here is a list of about sixty eight Specialty birds in Uganda to look out for:

African Green Broadbill
Archer’s Robin-Chat
Basra Reed-warbler
Beaudouin’s Snake-eagle
Black-faced Apalis
Blue Swallow
Blue-headed Sunbird
Karamoja Apalis
Kivu Ground-Thrush
Papyrus Canary
Papyrus Gonolek
Papyrus Yellow Warbler
Purple Throated Cuckoo-Shrike
Purple-breasted Sunbird
Red Faced Barbet

Chapin’s Flycatcher
Chapin’s Flycatcher
Collared Apalis
Coqui Francolin
Doherty’s Bushshrike
Dusky Crimson-wing

Lappet-faced Vulture
Lesser Kestrel
Lynes’ Cisticola
Madagascar Pond-heron
Many Coloured Bush-shrike
Foxy Cisticola
Fox’s Weaver
Moorland Francolin
Nahan’s Francolin
Neumann’s Warbler
Oberlander’s Ground-Thrush

Rwenzori Nightjar
Rwenzori Turaco
Sharpe’s Pied-Babbler
Shelley’s Crimson-wing
Short Tailed Warbler
Strange Weaver
Stripe Breated Tit

Tabora Cisiticola
Tit Hylia
Uganda Wood-Warbler
White-browed Crombec
White-headed Vulture
White-winged Scrub-Warbler
Yellow Eyed Black Flycatcher
Dwarf Honeyguide
Egyptian Vulture
Golden-naped Weaver
Golden-winged Sunbird
Grant’s Bluebill
Grauer’s Cuckooshrike
Grauer’s Scrub-Warbler
Grauer’s Swamp-
Grauer’s Warbler
Green Breasted Pitta
Grey Crowned-crane
Grey-headed Sunbird
Handsome Francolin
Hartlaub’s Turaco
Jackson’s Francolin
Karamoja Apalis
Red Throated Wreyneck
Red-faced Woodland-Warbler
Red-throated Alethe
Regal Sunbird
Rwenzori Batis

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