The Foxs Weaver In Uganda

The Fox’s Weaver In Uganda

January 2, 2022
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Looking for The Fox’s Weaver In Uganda? Well, Uganda is home to about 1060 bird species. It has favorable conditions to do and probably that’s why it was called the pearl of Africa. Uganda is a top birding destination and it was the best for the year 2013. The Fox’s weaver is the only bird that is specifically only endemic to Uganda. Scientifically known as Ploceus Spekeoides, the fox’s weaver belongs to the Ploceide family. It is among the globally near threatened species.

This bird lives in swamps, savannah, tropical, subtropical and flooded lowland grasslands. The Fox’s Weaver can be sighted in Lira and Soroti districts. Lakes Bisina and Opeta all in eastern region of Uganda. These two lakes are all connected to Lake Kyoka by a wetland. The swampy nature of these lakes makes it possible for these birds to breed here. The continued swamp reclamation has made the existence these birds threatened.

Physical description

The weaver is sized at about 15 centimeters. It has a thick beak and is a bit short compared to other weavers. There is a similarity between the Fox’s weaver and the Speke’s weaver but the latter is a bit darker in the upper park and has yellow edges on the feathers.

Food and feeding

Just like most weavers, the fox’s weaver is also a seed eater and has a well developed beak that allows it to eat the seeds. It supplements this with acacia ants.


April to September is the peak for breading for these birds. There are however some of them that bread around November. The Fox’s weaver has one partner throughout the breeding season. The males use the construction of nest to attract the females. The nests are usually oval with a tunnel like entrance. When the females like the nest a male has constructed, they will enter it.


The sound is a typical weaver screeching note. This bird being a rare bird, there is very little study done on it. The numbers have reducing and sighting them has been hard. This bird is nearly threatened species and this also contributes to the little knowledge about this bird.

There have been efforts of recent by nature Uganda and African Birding Club have partnered to carry out extensive research about the fox’s Weaver.

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