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Titus Gorilla Family

September 3, 2018
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Titus Gorilla Family: Mountain Gorilla families in Volcanoes national park today have helped to improve on the visitors experience in the destination of their interest for gorilla tracking. The Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda currently boasts of ten habituated gorilla groups for the visitors to view the mountain gorillas and one is only reserved for research purposes. Every gorilla group is composed of its unique characteristic that differs from the rest of the mountain gorilla families.

The Titus gorilla family in this case, is one of the amazing gorilla groups in Rwanda that enable clients to meet their dreams. The Titus gorilla group is small in size but offers the magical encounters within its thick forest. This gorilla group lies between Karisimbi and Visoke volcanoes. The Titus group was named after the silverback Titus. Titus was born at the time when the primatologist, Dian Fossey was conducting her research at the Karisoke gorilla group. Titus originated from a strong and humble family but unfortunately tragedy fell on his side at the time when he lost all his family members to poachers. However, he joined another family that raised him up, something that was unique and strange among the Giant primates! According to the primatologist, Titus was underdeveloped and had difficulty breathing, but fortunately Titus overcame such hard moments in his life!

As time passed on, a new group was formed by Titus Gorilla Family, Beetsme and the other young males. When a new group broke out, 5 female gorillas joined and the family leader was Beetsme. Beetsme however, chased all the other male gorillas but Titus remained to keep the family safe from invaders. Surprisingly, in 1991, Titus deposed the dominant silver back, Beetsme, in a bloodless coup to be the family head. Fighting for family leadership is an amazing and common practice among these Giant Apes!
Titus led the group not until 2007 when he faced a challenge from his son, Kuryama who later broke away to form his own group. Titus was also a great father of over 20 babies among which were, Pasika, Bukima, Turakora and Kuryama. Later Titus faced another bloody nose as most of his members kept on joining other groups. This also meant a big blow to Titus Gorilla Family as anxiety for power increased at the return of his son (Kuryama) in 2009. The famous Giant king died later of natural causes at the age of 35 years. It is worth exploring the hard moments of this gorilla king as a visitor can discover how the Giant survived. This is possible only by visiting the amazing Titus gorilla group.

In conclusion, Titus Gorilla Family was the most successful mountain gorilla in Rwanda in all hard times of his growth and he had more children as compared to the rest of the mountain gorillas in the park. Hence the existence of the name Titus group. Though the Titus gorilla group was intentionally set for research purposes, it is currently used for gorilla tracking especially when the permits are overbooked.


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