Top of the falls

Top of the falls

September 3, 2018
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Top of the falls: Inspite of the scorching afternoon tropical sun we were determined to full fill our mission, we had to end what we had started. And even when the process seemed harder we relied on the hope that lay head of us that the views are always best at the top. But as we continued to hike further up the strident roar became more and more distinct roaring like an angry lion. And behold the infamous saying that the views are always better at the top was true in our case and upon curving off the corner it struck us like a lightening ball, melting our already heavily beating hearts from the hike. Glorious splendor, tumbling down 43 metres with dignity strength and respect through a narrow gorge of less than 30 metres wide crashing heavily on the rocks that stood in its way of freedom. There it was the world’s most powerful falls in the world: Murchison falls and we were standing at its top where we experience some of the most spectacular views.  We were lost in the beauty of the Mighty Nile and its wonders.

Our expedition had begun a few days earlier with a travel from Kampala a few days ago. We had enjoyed an early morning game drive in the savanna plains earlier in the morning which we punctuated with a hearty bush breakfast in the open savanna with lots of melodious bird songs for our entertainment. Later on in the afternoon we took a boat ride on the Nile which led us to the bottom of the falls where we hiked to the top where we are.

On either sides of the river were beautifully wooded cliffs raising abruptly to a height of 100m rocks junting out from the intensely green foliage and rushing through a gap that cleft exactly before us the river contracted from a grand stream, which was bent up in a passage of scarcely 50 yards roaring furiously through the rock bound pass. It plunged in one leap of about 120 feet perpendicular into a large abyss below. The fall off water was now snow white which had a superb effect as contrasted with the dark cliffs that walled the water forming a beautiful rainbow.  The ground literally shook beneath our feet at the power of the falls and the fresh crisp breeze was even more refreshing. While the graceful palms of the tropic and wild plantation perfected the beauty of the views.

Murchison falls is a part of the great Nile that flows from Sudan to Egypt and is the greatest fall on the Nile. The mighty Murchison falls was named after the president of the royal geographical society Murchison in his honor. The Murchison falls are the most important object throughout the course of the flow of the river Nile. They have not always been known as the Murchison falls. They were initially named after the Omukama (king)of bunyoro Kabarega. The falls lend their name to the surround national park and conservation area.


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