4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania

  • 4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania


4 days Birding in Tanzania takes you to Serengeti national park to look out for a number of bird species including the endemic birds and other species like Fischer’s lovebird, Grey-breasted spurfowl, and Rufous-tailed weaver, Grey-crested helmet-shrike and Hildebrandt’s starling, Usambiro barbet. You will see several Ducks, Pheasants, Grouse, and Allies, Pigeons and Doves, Cuckoos, Nightjars and Allies, Rails, Gallinules, and Coots, Plovers and Lapwings, Sandpipers and Allies, Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns, Hawks, Eagles, and Kites, Old World Flycatchers, Weavers and Allies, Waxbills and Allies among others in Serengeti national park.

4 days Birding in Serengeti national park can be done throughout the year however, the best time to visit Serengeti bird watching safari is during the period of November to April to spot both migratory and resident bird species.

4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania highlight

Day 1: Transfer to Serengeti national park

Day 2 and 3: Full day bird watching in Serengeti national park

Day 4: Half day birding safari in Serengeti national park

Day 1: Transfer to Serengeti national park

Meet and greet your birding guide for quick briefing about your 4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania and later drive to the park in search for the following bird species; White-faced Whistling-Duck, African Pygmy-Goose, Red-billed Duck, Fulvous Whistling-Duck, Knob-billed Duck, Egyptian Goose, Spur-winged Goose, Garganey, Hottentot Teal, Northern Shoveler, Eurasian Wigeon, and Yellow-billed Duck Cape Teal, Northern Pintail, African Black Duck, Eurasian Teal, Southern Pilchard and maccoa duck, common ostrich, greater flamingo and lesser flamingo, helmeted Guinea fowl and crested Guinea fowl, harlequin Quail, Scaly Francolin, Crested Francolin, Yellow-necked Francolin, Gray-breasted Francolin, Hildebrandt’s Francolin, Red-necked Francolin, Coqui Francolin, Red-winged Francolin and Shelley’s Francolin, chestnut-banded plover wattled lapwing, Caspian plover, Kittlitz’s plover, brown-chested lapwing, common ringed plover, little ringed plover, long-toed lapwing, three-banded plover, white-fronted plover, Laughing Dove, Namaqua Dove, Tambourine Dove, African Green-Pigeon, Kori bustard, White-bellied Bustard, Buff-crested Bustard etc. Retire and drive the lodge for dinner and overnight stay at Serengeti Tortilis Camp

Meal plan: Lunch and dinner.

Day 2 and 3: Full day bird watching in Serengeti national park

Wake up early morning for breakfast and head to the park for game drive / bird watching activities to look for Serengeti’s avifauna such as Little Grebe, Rock Pigeon, Great Crested Grebe and Eared Grebe, Dusky Turtle-Dove, Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Mourning Collared-Dove, Ring-necked Dove, Red-eyed Dove, Speckled Pigeon, Denham’s Bustard, Black-bellied Bustard, Hartlaub’s Bustard, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, Black-faced Sandgrouse, Yellow-throated Sandgrouse, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, Schawlow’s Turaco, White-bellied Go-away-bird, Hartlaub’s Turaco, Ross’s Turaco, Eastern Plantain-eater, Dideric cuckoo, red-chested cuckoo, Levaillant’s cuckoo, black cuckoo, common cuckoo, African cuckoo, white-browed coucal, pied cuckoo, Klaas’s cuckoo, black coucal, great spotted cuckoo, African emerald cuckoo, sombre nightjar, freckled nightjar, pennant-winged nightjar, white-rumped swift square-tailed nightjar, slender-tailed nightjar,  common swift, African swift, little swift, Horus swift, Nyanza swift, African Crake, Allen’s gallinule, lesser moorhen, red-knobbed coot, Eurasian moorhen, African swamp hen, Gray Crowned-Crane, Water Thick-knee, Black-winged Stilt, Pied Avocet, white-headed lapwing, black-bellied plover, blacksmith lapwing, spur-winged lapwing, lesser sand-plover, Senegal lapwing, black-winged lapwing, crowned lapwing, Marsh Sandpiper, Common Redshank, Black-tailed Godwit, Ruddy Turnstone, Ruff, Curlew Sandpiper, Temminck’s Stint, Sanderling, Whimbrel, Eurasian Curlew, Little Stint, Jack Snipe, Terek Sandpiper, Common Snipe, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, Common Greenshank, Wood Sand piper, African Snipe, African Spoonbill, Little Bittern, Glossy Ibis, Dwarf Bittern Gray Heron Black-headed Heron, Goliath Heron, Purple Heron, Striated Heron, Great Egret, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret, Hadada Ibis, Black Heron, Cattle Egret, Squacco Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron, African Sacred Ibis among others.  On these days, you will also meet several mammal animals like; Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, African elephant, Rhinoceros, Hyenas, wild dogs, wildebeests and zebras. Dinner and overnight stay at Serengeti Tortilis Camp

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

Day 4: Half day birding safari in Serengeti national park

After breakfast, drive to Serengeti national park for a half day birding tour to look for some birds which you might have missed in the previous days like; Black-winged Kite, Bearded Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, African Cuckoo-Hawk, White-headed Vulture, African Harrier-Hawk, Lappet-faced Vulture, Hooded Vulture, Lesser Spotted Eagle, White-backed Vulture  Rueppell’s Griffon, Ayres’s Hawk-Eagle, Bateleur, Black Goshawk, Black Kite, Common Buzzard, Black-chested Snake-Eagle, Brown Snake-Eagle, Bat Hawk, Crowned Eagle, Eurasian Marsh-Harrier, Martial Eagle, Little Sparrow hawk, Long-crested Eagle, Wahlberg’s Eagle, Yellow-billed Kite, Tawny Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Verreaux’s Eagle , African Hawk-Eagle, Lizard Buzzard, Dark Chanting-Goshawk, Eastern Chanting-Goshawk, African Marsh-Harrier, Pallid Harrier, Montagu’s Harrier, Shikra, Ovambo Sparrow hawk, African Fish-Eagle, Augur Buzzard, Gabar Goshawk, Swamp Flycatcher, Red-capped Robin-Chat, African Gray Flycatcher, Pale Flycatcher, Ashy Flycatcher, Little Rock-Thrush, Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush, Silver bird, Northern Black-Flycatcher, Southern Black-Flycatcher, Red-backed Scrub-Robin, Isabelline Wheatear, Mocking Cliff-Chat, White-browed Robin-Chat, Spotted Morning-Thrush, Common Nightingale, Whinchat, Sooty Chat, Northern Anteater-Chat, Northern Wheatear, White-throated Robin, Capped Wheatear, Pied Wheatear, Abyssinian Wheatear among others. Drive to Arusha to end your 4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania.

Meal plan: Breakfast and Lunch

4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania includes;

Park fees

All activities

Round airport transfers

All accommodation

A professional driver/guide

All transportation

All Taxes/VAT

Meals As specified in the day-by-day section

Drinking water

4 days Birding in Serengeti national park Tanzania excludes;

International flights

Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour


Personal items like Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.

Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

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