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Uganda Safari Tips To Save You Money

September 3, 2018
Safari Tips

Uganda Safari Tips To Save You Money: Taking a Uganda wildlife safari is adventurous and will keep you fascinated and at the edge of your seat…

It is an amazing experience to take safaris anywhere of course, but they mainly cater to tourists who have a quick vacation for a week and then return to their high paying office jobs.

There are some Safari Tips to save money your Uganda safari and less expensive ways to still see gorillas and wildlife in their natural habitat while in here.

If you have your own car, or a friend that is willing to drive, expenses will immediately be greatly reduced. We focus on tips to save you money if you don’t have your own vehicle since this might be difficult.

Join a group

Search around and look for other travelers in your similar situation. There are tour companies that offer this and there are also self-organize people, it may be friends or a family. Take an example if the group is 8 members and you hire a land cruise of about $300 each of you will end up paying about $37 for a comfortable ride around Uganda.

Book In Advance

Most people think that booking with an Agent in their home country is cheaper and safer than booking through the internet directly with a tour operator but it can be either way. If you book directly with a ground tour operator you stand a chance of getting a better rate because with you travel agent, you will pay double service fees, so think booking directly with the native company online.

High Season / Low Season

Even though low season sounds good, be careful, because your chances of seeing African wildlife might decline. Possibly look at taking a safari on the edge of low season, just before high season begins.

Here the accommodation in most places will be discounted. The Gorilla and Chimp permits will also be discounted.

Park Entrance Fees are paid per Day

Try to make the best out of each day you spend in the park. Move around the park for as long as possible. For the case of the tracking day, you will not be charged for entrance for that day. But you may need to go to other parks.

Stay outside the park

Try as much as possible to find accommodation outside the national parks as it seem cheaper due to less taxation on the facilities.


Go camping

Most national parks will offer options to stay at tented camps or even pitch your own tent. This can save quite a bit of money as most of the hotels are very costly. Camping in Uganda is quite an adventure too!

Become a Resident or Citizen

Not too easy at all, but resident and citizen prices are usually a fraction of tourist prices. If you have a job in Uganda, you might be a resident! And for those looking for adventure can look at the bigger picture like coming to the country and volunteer while exploring or look for short contract jobs.

Good luck!


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