What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari in Uganda

What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari in Uganda

January 2, 2022
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What to carry for your next birding safari in Uganda? Uganda boosts of about 1060 bird species and it’s a popular bird watching destination. 10% of the total bird population is found in Uganda and that’s the reason why Uganda has become very popular with birders. There are many birding spots in Uganda which birding experts can visit while in Uganda during several or a single visit.

Activities of birding are usually away from the cities and into the rural areas of the country and that require specific equipment. Therefore, minding what you carry for this safari is very important. Here are some of the items to carry for your next birding safari in Uganda;

Right clothing

What you wear is very crucial. It’s advisable that you put on long sleeved shirts with pants that are of neutral colors. This is usually for all seasons.

Water proof day pack/Field bag

Because Uganda can have rains anytime of the day and any time of the year, it is important that you carry a water proof back for your snacks and other essentials like the cameras and binoculars.

Hiking boots

Due to the terrain in several birding areas, some of which are water logged, it is important that you have hiking boots with a pair of rubber shoes to substitute for days that are for birding drives.

Field guidebook

There are several guide books that you may need to carry on your birding safari. These books are for you to make reference. Ask your tour operator to advise you on which books to buy depending on which trip you choose. You can also download digital versions of these books to reduce on your luggage.


One of the best things on a safari is to capture the moments, and there is no best way thank having your camera with you to capture all this. Carry extra batteries as well as memory cards to help you have as many pictures as possible.

Pair of binoculars/ Scope

There are many birds that are too tinny and some very shy and therefore you need something to magnify you view. Some bird may be miles far from your reach and can only be seen through a scope or binoculars.

Charger and Cables

Don’t forget to carry chargers and cables for your camera, laptop, tablet or iPad, mobile phone and some rechargeable batteries

Water bottle

All tour operators will provide you with drinking water throughout the safari; make sure you carry water on you every time you are birding away from the car. Some activities can be physically draining and require you to drink water from time to time

Wide –brimmed hat

The tropical suns can really be intense and it’s good to have a hat to protect you from the sun

Light rain jacket

We mentioned that it can rain any time of the time at any time of the year. It is therefore wise that you carry a light rain coat as the weather unpredictable.


Flashlight is important during night walks to spot the nocturnal bird species and spotting bird species in dimly lit habitats..


If you have a weak immune system, it is important that you carry some vital medicines like immune booster, tabs for flue, colds and anti malarial plus diarrhea medicine.

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