How hard is birding in uganda

How hard is birding in Uganda

January 2, 2022
Safari Tips

How hard is birding in Uganda? Birding is one of the intense safari activities and most people avoid it for this. This requires a lot of patience, long walks, hikes and days of long standing. Therefore the terrain of a birding destination is key whether birding is easy here or hard. Uganda is a rich birding destination with over 1060 bird species recorded here. This almost guarantees you a memorable birding safari.

Uganda is a flat country on the general outlook with altitudes ranging from 1100m above sea level to 3609m above sea level. The biggest part of the country is flat. Uganda is largely also covered with water. It is also home to the largest fresh water lake in the world; Lake Victoria. Most of the birding will be done in the low land and even the high areas like Mgahinga do not require special training to hike as they are relatively low.

Uganda’s temperature range between 15 degrees minimum and 29 degrees maximum as the average for the entire country. Some areas especially in western Uganda can go below the average minimum while those in northern Uganda can also go beyond the average maximum

In term of food, the restaurants in Uganda have local, inter-continental and continental dishes. It will be very hard to walk into a restaurant and find nothing on the menu that you haven’t seen before. The local foods are also worth a try.

The road next work in Uganda is relatively good and this allows easy accessibility of tourist to the birding destinations. There a few road that are still bumpy but usually this is part of the adventure.

We have two seasons in Uganda. The wet and dry seasons. The wet seasons are in the months of March to May and September to November. The dry seasons are in the months of June to August and December to February. Depending on which birding you are interested in, birding is possible in Uganda throughout the year.

Uganda has English as its official language and seven out of the ten people you will meet will be able to understand what you say in English. For birders that don’t speak English, contact your tour operator to organize a special language guide for you. We have a lot of French, German, Chinese and many other language guides.

It’s actually relatively easy to do birding in Uganda given the above factors.



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