Uganda Airlines

Uganda Airlines

June 11, 2020
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Uganda Airlines on behalf of the Uganda Government ordered four CRJ900 Jet Liners, from Bombardier manufacturing company based in Canada. This is a long awaited achievement in 18 years since attempts were made by the Government of Uganda to privatise the company to potential bidders came to a standstill and eventually leading to the liquidation of Uganda Airlines Corporation in May 2001.

Uganda airlines has excited many the likes of Ugandan Nationals plus the stake holders over this achievement. In 2013, there were plans from the Government of Uganda to revive the carriers but following the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Revoked Air Uganda’s AOC (Air Operators Certificate) over safety concerns in June 2014.

The Ugandan President His Excellency YK Museveni and His wife, Pilots, Clue members, Ministers and others were ready to the welcome the two new Uganda Airlines Aircrafts as soon as they touched the Blessed soils of the Pearl of Africa on Entebbe International Airport on 23rd April 2019. These new brands have a seating capacity of 76 and it doesn’t have classes, the features on these CRJ900 are; ‘Uganda Airlines’ on the wings and ‘Fly the Crane to the Pearl of Africa’ on the sides.

Uganda Airlines was founded as a subsidiary of the Government owned by Uganda Development Corporation in May 1976 as a replacement of the services previously operated by East African Airways.

It commenced Operations in 1977 when Uganda Aviation Services was set up by British United Airways in 1965 but then a Uganda Development Corporation subsidiary was absorbed by Uganda Airlines taking over the Uganda Aviation Services Route Network.

Following delivery of the first Boeing 707-320C in the late 1970s, new routes to Brussels, London and Rome were inaugurated, a second Boeing 707-320C entered the fleet in 1981 in same year, new routes to Cairo, Cologne and Dubai were launched following Da es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Nairobi in subsequent years.

By March 1990 the fleet included one Boeing 707-320C, two Fokker F27-600s, one Lockheed L-100-30, one Twin Otter B-N Trislander, A Boeing 737 was leased from Zimbabwe in 1994 to serve Bujumbura and Kigali as well as Destinations in South Africa.

For the tourists, they have been coming to Uganda despite the inconvenience of making stops in Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Kigali or Dubai. It shows they love Uganda. It will be more convenient now when we have direct flights to London, Dubai, Guangzhou and some other cities.

The revived airline will be the first carrier to operate the new CRJ series atmosphere cabin in Africa, the cabin design allows passengers to carry and store an oversized roller bag within the aircraft cabin bins, which minimises the need to check bags at the counter or the gate. The Uganda National Airlines company will operate the CRJ900 in dual-class configuration with 76 economy seats and 12 first class seats.

Key features of the new interior comprise of large passenger living space, wheel-first roller bag capacity, more spacious lavatory, increased cabin connectivity options, all integrated into a contemporary design and material choices.



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